Our team at Luigi’s is licensed, insured, and experienced in trimming and removing any sized tree, including palms. Trust the experts to handle hazardous jobs such as this. There’s no need to risk your personal safety.

Pruning your trees consistently will serve to keep them safe, healthy, and beautiful. We’ll help to keep your property and family safe by removing any branches that are at risk of falling. It’s always better to take care of these hazards in advance before they become an emergency. Pruning any dead or diseased branches also helps to maintain the overall health of the tree by keeping the disease from spreading and encouraging the tree to grow its core or main branches rather than spread out. The freshly trimmed tree or palm will be aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the beauty of your landscape.

Aside from trimming dead or diseased branches, we also recommend pruning back your tree any time it obstructs the view of vehicles or pedestrians and before it interferes with power lines. Sometimes trimming or pruning a tree just isn’t enough, and it is necessary for the tree to be removed. These situations call for professional landscaping services. Luigi’s is here to help!

Our team works quickly to prune or remove your trees without damaging your lawn, as well as clean up any resulting debris. We deal with all types of trees, including hardwood and coconut, and any size of tree. No job is too big. We strive to make sure our services are price-efficient.

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Luigi's South Florida Tree and Palm Pruning and Removal