Our licensed and professional landscapers are here to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful through our individualized fertilization programs. Do not worry about details like what time of year is best to fertilize, how much and how frequently it should be applied, which nutrients are required and what ratio of each are needed. Our team will literally do all this “dirty work” for you to keep your lawn and landscape looking lush.

Luigi’s experts will visit your lawn to customize a fertilization program specifically for your soil, grass, plants, trees, and budget. We stay cost-effective while still delivering the best quality fertilizer to meet the needs of your landscape. We consider the nutrients already present in your soil and those needed by your plants to thrive and create a plan for how often to fertilize, weed, and aerate the lawn to maximize the effects.

Whether you need to preserve or improve the health of your lawn, we will develop the right treatment for you. Call or contact us online to get a fertilization program started today.

Luigi's South Florida Fertilizer Programs