At Luigi’s Landscaping, we know that a quick, efficient cleanup after a disaster is important not just for your safety but also for your peace of mind. Our licensed, insured professionals have the equipment needed to get your landscape back to its pristine state following a hurricane or other large-scale disaster. Once the storm has passed and it is safe to return to work, we begin our three phases of Emergency Clean-Up. During the first two phases, we’ll handle major and minor removal of debris, wreckage, branches, stumps, and other storm destruction. Next, we’ll focus on the reconstruction of the landscape to restore the aesthetics of your lawn.

We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of our tree-trimming services prior to hurricane season. Proper pruning of trees, palms, and bushes throughout the year is an important step in reducing potential property damage during a natural disaster.

Luigi’s provides residential HOA and commercial lawn care when you need it the most, and we strive to keep our services cost-efficient for all of our customers. Contact us today for hurricane preparedness or cleanup and removal.

Luigi's South Florida Hurricane Cleanup